The Everyday Parent is a resource dedicated to helping everyday parents navigate everyday conversations with their children and create experiences that will last a lifetime with the hope of setting up your child for a successful future.

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table talks

Simply put, Table Talks are conversation starters to help you engage in spiritual discussions with your child. Each week you will be provided with a new set of questions and separate table talks are provided for both young children and youth. That way you can engage in conversation no matter what stage of life they may be in.

the toolbox

The toolbox section of this resources provides a number of articles meant to answer the questions everyday parents struggle with, and all the topics cover issues throughout all stages of development. Just a few of the questions are: How do I navigate boundaries with technology and my child? How do I prepare my child for school? Or what do I do when my child enters puberty?


The milestones section was created to provide meaningful moments centered around the spiritual and physical milestone's in your child's life. Each milestone comes with a parent guide and resources meant to help you create a memorable experience during a critical season. In this section, you will find ideas on how to celebrate significant life experiences like getting baptized, entering high school, or getting their driver's license.